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Registration Instructions

Click here or navigate to

If you click on the link the register page will open in a new window or tab. You will still have access to this page.

You’ll  now see the registration form. Complete the form. You may register more than one email and every member of your household may register. You man not use the same email to register two separate accounts. Make sure you use a valid email address as we will use this email to keep in touch with you.

Once you’ve completed your registration it has to be manually approved before you have access. This usually takes a full business day.

Once approved will also have access to all the member’s content and the opportunity to add your own content on the bulletin board. Social clubs can even request to have their own blog and calendar.  If you want to recommend content for the site there is a contact form with an option for the website.

Your Profile

Signing up creates a profile similar to a social media site, except that it’s private and there are no posts or comments.  You can add a banner image and headshot if you like. You can also add your contact information.  You can also make your information private. It is our hope that you’ll want to include some contact information so that we can build a nice online directory.

This video steps through the account management screens and building a profile. It also shows you where you can edit your profile visibility settings.

To find your profile again later log out and log back in – this should take you to your profile. Also if your profile is not hidden you can find your profile in the membership list


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